About Us

CDE General Trading LLC is a registered company and online domain registered as PARFUM.ae is a perfume online selling platform where customers can find everything about their favorite scents and fragrances. It was created with a passion for meeting the ever-increasing needs for wonderful fragrances without having to deal with a high price tag.

Who We Are & Why Choose Us: The perfume world is a fascinating and vast arena to explore. Various combinations, scents and accords communicate with the perfume lover. The feeling of a good perfume goes beyond just the bottle and the smell. It is a mode of self-expression and enhances your everyday experience with yourself.

The sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses. A distinct fragrance can seize an emotion or a moment. It can form a pleasing memory, or boost your mood.

But are luxury perfumes too expensive for you? Are they breaking your bank? That is where we come in. Our inexpensive perfume scents make it possible for everybody to enjoy the realm of fragrances every day!

We carefully cultivate our fragrances that capture the soul of the world’s most popular perfumes. From designing the scents to producing them, we consider our customer’s preferences all the way.

With almost similar ingredients and identical smell, the only thing dis-similar to these big brands is our prices! Our unique selling proposition (USP) is that you do not have to pay even nearly half the price of the originals!

Our priority is to develop a long term relationship with our customers so that you purchase your favorite scents again and again

To achieve this, we combine a big experience in the perfume industry and cooperation with many fragrance manufacturers to scout the market for the best perfume sprays and oils, which are quite pricey and create a similar fragrance, which is offered at a fraction of the original price. With this level of interaction and vast level of market expertise, we assist startup companies to create their own perfume brand with their personal models and collections. We have a team of experts who take the pain of studying every perfume in the market, thus providing you with the best scents and fragrances you can never resist.

At PARFUM, we believe you don't have to clear your bank account to smell nice for that special occasion when you can gain access to the best collection of world-class perfume sprays and oils at an affordable rate. Our E-store allows you to purchase original branded perfumes or their "similar to" creations in different bottle sizes, designs, and at affordable rates.

Our scope of services focuses on meeting client needs via the sale and distribution of branded perfumes, similar to perfume accessories, oils, oud wood chips, and bakhoor. We also focus on client-satisfaction by making sure that every perfume is a masterpiece delivered in the best designer bottles to complement your scents. We have an excellent team of designers whose utmost desire is to wow you with the latest bottle designs to complement your scents. We go the extra mile to make sure you are not just pleased with the similar scent but the container as well. Our scope of service also makes it possible for you to order a unique bottle design that suits your requirements fragrance.


PARFUM.ae is on the move to making branded perfume fragrances available to the general public at an affordable price. We scout the market for the best-branded perfumes, similar to perfume accessories, oils, oud wood chips, and bakhoor that suits your taste.

HOW TO USE Using our e-store to purchase your best-branded perfume or its "similar to" creation is straight to the point. All you need to do is

Make a choice of your bottle design, and size Choose your favorite perfume brand and fragrance

Hit the Create icon and leave the rest to us.

PLEASE NOTE THAT Our perfume spray ranges from 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml, while the sizes for oils include 3ml, 6ml, 12ml, and 50ml for refilling. You can choose ready-made design bottles for your sprays and oils.

GUESS WHAT? With our 100% refund policy on money spent in purchasing our products, you are guaranteed of the best experience with no risk attached. T&C Apply. You are free to seek a full refund if our designer bottles and fragrances don't wow you.