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Now anyone can buy the fragrance thanks to our website shop. In perfumery compositions, the oud tree is considered a diamond among woody notes. Oud is especially popular among perfumers from the UAE. Older wood is more valuable and aged is the essential oil of agarwood oud, which acquires a more multifaceted and rich aroma with age.

What does agarwood smell like?

Agarwood has a reputation as the most expensive price for trees in the world, and oud oil is one of the most expensive and oldest perfume ingredients. The aroma of oud is an amazing combination of balsamic, sweet, smoky, and woody notes. However, real oud in perfume compositions is not often used due to the high cost of this component. Perfumes with oud notes are produced in limited editions since they are not targeted at mass consumers and are the crown of world perfumery art.

Essential agar woods is oil natural. It is a pure oil of 100% concentration of natural origin. It is non-toxic and non-irritating, soothing, and tonic. Oil does not contain any stabilizers, fixatives, or pesticides of any cheap kind, and has exceptional long-lasting deodorant properties.

Types of Agarwoods smells

Agarwoods are popular and valuable ingredients in Arabian oil perfumes. It is used as the base of a composition to which amber, musk, spices, and flower oils are added. Quality of the oud does not depend on the colour of the resin, but depends only on the shade of the aroma: the bitter it tastes, the higher the quality is. In total, there are five levels of classification of the aroma of oud: sweet - the smell of burnt sugar and honey, salty - the smell of algae fumigated with smoke, sour - sour plum, bitter - tonic aroma, pungent - the aroma of bitter chili in a hot frying pan.

The line on which the aroma balances is too sharp, not everyone can keep. Wearing this scent requires style and elegance despite the agarwood price, one extra step, and, at best, you will stumble upon misunderstanding and fearful glances from others, at worst, you will also have a headache. However, you must admit, jewellery always needs to be treated with dignity. Moreover, if you find an approach to this scent from Perfume Company, the reward will not be hard in coming.